...cause nothing is impossible …and we don’t like to be limited...


  • Assistance in selection of lottery mechanisms
  • Procurement of permits / licences for organisation of lotteries
  • Promotional and audiotex lotteries supervision
  • Launch of SMS and web services for the needs of lotteries (with drawing applications incl.)
  • Prize logistics (selection, purchase, dispatch)
  • Counselling (incl. taxes)

Competitions and promotions

  • Counselling with respect to competition and promotion mechanisms
  • Preparation of rules and regulations
  • Launch of SMS services and websites for the needs of promotional activities
  • Events
  • Prize logistics (selection, purchase, dispatch)
  • Counselling (incl. taxes)


  • Website creation and programming
  • Responsive design (RWD), czyli strony responsywne, dopasowujące się ułożeniem poszczególnych elementów do urządzenia, na którym są oglądane


  • SMS Premium Rate services
  • Bulk SMS & email campaigns (more or less mass)
  • Contact centre services
  • Voice Premium Rate services

Mobile apps:

  • Games and utility apps
  • Scenarios, development, programming;


Inspire us! We’re waiting for new challenges and exciting projects!


Thanks to our fantastic Clients, we have implemented a number of projects, larger and smaller, yet always exciting and filled with challenges.
For the past six years:

  • we received almost 6 million SMSes
  • we sent back over 7.5 million SMSes
  • we conducted over 60 campaigns as part of which we sent over 12 million SMSes and e-mails
  • we serviced over 150 lotteries and over 250 competitions
  • additionally, we have fulfilled over 80 other wishes of our Clients, as there are no things that are impossible to do...

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